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Bianca Miata - Intake

The JR CAI from for MFM kit is in horrible shape. The plastic has cracked in many places, one of them an important mounting part, and is at this moment, barely hanging on. I haven't decided wether to try and fix it, or do some sort of custom intake.

The hot-wire AFM is, I think, the coolest part of this whole package. None of this restrictive trap-door mechanism. Just a wire. It's also much smaller than the stock AFM, which will, if I decide to do a custom intake, allow me much more freedom as far as where things go.

Update: May 23, 2002
I just had a new intake built. My mechanic and I fashioned a custom intake using some of the stock intake bits, the hot-wire AFM from the JR kit, and a K&N cone filter. It used the stock intake from the throttle body all the way to where the air-cleaner box would normally be. Instead of that, we have the hot-wire AFM, to which the K&N filter is connected directly. This puts it right beside the headers. I haven't fashioned a heat shield yet, so I'm pulling in some pretty darn hot air. Instead of a heat shield, I may replace the headers with stock headers (since mine are on their last legs), and wrap them. That should keep the intake air temperature down.

Update: Jan 19, 2003
Since my stereo was stolen on the 6th, I've been driving around without music, which has made me aware of lots of little noises I didn't notice before, including some pretty bad pinging during acceleration. I had the timing moved down from 14 degrees back to 10 degrees, where it's supposed to be, and the pinging all went away. The JR kit (described above) says to advance the timing to 14 degrees, but I guess with the way my intake has been changed, the intake air isn't cool enough, and the AFM isn't calibrated properly, so at 14 degrees it pings like crazy. I haven't noticed any decrease in power since moving the timing down. If anything, there's been an increase in low end torque, but that may just be because it's not pinging anymore.

Update: Mar 25, 2003
I think I've figured out the real cause of the pinging, which still crops up from time to time, under heavy load. Around the time I started having trouble, I installed a K&N air filter, as part of the new custom intake. I've since discovered that oiled air filters and hot-wire AFMs aren't supposed to be mixed. Apparantly the oil from oiled filters can coat the hot-wire in the AFM, causing it to give incorrect readings. I might try to get a stock AFM from a wreckers, or borrow one from another car, and see if I can run 14 degrees timing without pinging.

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