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Bianca Miata - Handling

Harddog Sport Rollbar
I call this a handling mod because it's supposed to stiffen up the car significantly. The previous owner installed an original Harddog Sport Rollbar, with no diagonals. I think it really improves the look of the car with the top down, and no doubt, would certainly help save my head in a rollover.

Tow-hooks Removed
The previous owner sure payed nice attention to detail. Looks like he loved this car as much as I do. The tow hooks were removed, with gets rid of a few pounds of unnecessary weight, giving me an excuse to call it a "handling mod".

Update: Mar 25, 2003
When I replaced the soft-top after the break in (they slashed the top), I decided I wanted a glass rear window. There happened to be an M2 top sitting on a wrecked car at Import Auto Recyclers, so I bought it. However, the M1 Harddog Sport rollbar isn't compatible with the glass window, so I sold it and bought a M2 Sport bar. I'm glad I did, the glass window is wonderful.

The time has finally come to do some serious suspension & handling work on my car. I haven't decided on what all I'm going to do, or what brands/parts I'm going to use, but here's the latest list of "favorites".

Shocks & Springs:

  1. TEIN type-HA coilovers - Most definatly the prefered option
  2. Koni coilovers - A comprimise, if the EFDC won't work on the TEINs in an M1
  3. KYB AGXs - If I decide I don't want/need coilovers.
  4. KYB GR2s - If I decide I don't want/need adjustable shocks, or decide to postpone putting in coilovers.

Sway Bars:

  1. Flyin' Miata front & rear sways - Sounds like the most highly recommended
  2. Racing Beat front & rear sways - Stiffer than the FM bars

Strut Tower Bar

  1. Flyin' Miata - Someone else I know has an FM tower bar that doesn't fit with his turbo.
  2. AutoRice Tower Bar - Aparantly someone I know (name withheld ;)) can get strut tower bars for ~$50

Rear Subframe Brace

  1. Moss Rear Subframe Brace - Relatively cheap, looks clean.
  2. OEM 92+ Subframe Brace - It might be possible to get an OEM brace from a wreckers.

Now I know tires will make a big difference, but I think that will have to wait until next summer.

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