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Bianca Miata - JVC KD-SH77

JVC KD-SH77 Multimedia Control CD Receiver
Let me just start out with the disclaimer that I've only had this deck for 24 hours, so any opinions are going to be somewhat biased by the "cool factor".

That said, this is the same deck I looked at a year ago, and wanted desperatly. I've been researching heavily the last couple weeks, looking at other decks, although mostly other JVCs, and this one still came out on top. It has all the features I need, doesn't have all the glitzy flashy singing dolphin crap, and even goes along with the "look" I'm trying to achieve in the car.

My primary requirement was that it have line-in on the back, so I can connect Coaster, my car mp3 player. I was using a tape-adapter with my old deck, so that's not really an option with a CD head unit. This deck not only has line-in on the rear, it has a 1/8" auxilary input on the front so I can connect a laptop, portable mp3 player, or any other audio device.

It also comes with an IR remote with lots of buttons. A large portion of them don't do anything when line-in is the source, so I think I'll use those buttons to control Coaster. That way I won't need an extra remote in the car. I just need to confirm that my IRMan can read codes from the JVC remote properly, but I think it should.


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