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Bianca Miata - Stereo

Clarion RAX5300 Deck and 6-disc Changer
It's kind of nice having a changer in the trunk, but I'll probably sell it once my mp3 player is finished. Just no need for it then.

Update: Oct 7, 2002
The stereo just underwent a huge change. A couple weeks ago, Chris and I finally found out that the head unit is what was draining the battery. The remote-out wire on it wasn't working either, so I had the amp wired to accessory. It also turned out that when the car was off, the deck was still drawing a significant amount of juice, resulting in a dead battery if I parked the car for more than 2 days.

Since the backlight on half the deck broke, and the buttons have been getting worse and worse (I have to put all my weight into the tape eject button), I've been thinking more and more about getting a new deck. Well, I went to Beamriders(Flash warning) in Surrey yesterday, just to see what the price on the JVC KD-SH77 was. Well, it turns out they had just dropped the price from $350 to $300. I was going to get it next week, after my trip to Calgary, but they offered financing, and lo and behold, they acctually let me get away with it. So I walked out the door with a shiny new head unit. Can't argue with service like that.

Update: Jan 19, 2003
On January 7th, I was woken up at 4am by my landlord pounding on my window. I came outside to find my car parked in the neighbor's front lawn across the street. The top was slashed, the stereo (the KD-SH77) stolen, and the interior ripped apart.

After sorting everything out with ICBC, they agreed to let my mechanic friend Chris do all the work, instead of having to take it to some stupid stereo store. The long and short of it all is that I went out and bought a new JVC KD-SH909, Panasonic component speakers (CJ-DS162), and Dominator headrest speakers (DM302). The Panasonics are 6.5" subs, and 1" seperates, all rated at 150 watts. The subs are in the doors, and the seperates are up near the soft-top latches. The headrest speakers are 3.5" 80 watt two-ways.

The JVC KD-SH909 is very similar to the KD-SH77 of the previous year. MP3 capability has been added, and the pixel-based part of the LCD expanded to allos two lines of text display for MP3 tag info, animations, etc. It retains the 4 volt outputs, rear line-in, and DVD/VCR control that the KD-SH707 is missing, but which were in the KD-SH77. Since I need the rear line-in for my MP3 computer, I really had no choice but to go with the KD-SH909.

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