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Bianca Miata - Wheels & Tires

Eagle Alloy 15" Wheels
I've never really liked the "flower petal" stock wheels. Some of the stock wheels I don't mind, but not the 1990 ones. I really like these ones. Unfortunatly, when I had the new tires put on, they scratched up the rims a bit. I ended up being so busy with a hit-and-run the next week, that I never got around to taking the car back to see if they would repaint the rims or something. A friend of mine is considering selling his 1997 Integra GSR rims, and I photoshopped an image to see how they look. I kinda like them. (Original Image)

Bridgestone Potenza RE-910 tires
The Toyos on the car were getting pretty worn down, to the point that driving on wet roads was a constant adventure, so I figured it was time to get some new tires. I could't afford to get the same kind, they're too darned expensive for my budget at the moment. I'm really happy with that I did get though. They're marketed as wet-weather all-seasons, which describes Vancouver quite well. These suckers cling to wet pavement better than my worn down Toyos did to the dry stuff.

Last Updated:September 15th, 2004
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