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Bianca Miata - Painted Rockers

Painted Rockers
The rockers come from the factory painted black, with some kind of rock guard. I think it makes the car look much higher than it is. The previous owner had mine painted white, and I really like the way it looks, even without front and rear chin spoilers.

At the moment they're really chipped and scratched, from all my driving around this winter. I'll probably wait until next spring to have them repainted, as I'm hoping to get a winter highway car for 2003. I say highway car because even during the winter, I love driving this car around. The weather is mild enough in the winter that the car gets around fine, all but 2 or 3 days. The real reason I want the winter car is so I'm not spraying rocks and salt on the Miata when I drive up north, or any of the highways in BC.

Last Updated:September 15th, 2004
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