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"Bianca". 1990 Mazda Miata, White.
My Car
This is the picture that was on when I was looking for a Miata. The moment I saw it, I knew the car was something special. The name is derived from the "Bianco", Italian for "White".

I took posession of my dream car on November 4th, 2000, after dreaming about owning one for 6 years or so. It sure feels good. I've owned it for a year and a half now, and have had some time to find out some more about this wonderful car, so here's a summary.

  • Rear wheel drive is very cool. My old '87 Mercury Topaz was, of course, front wheel drive. Rear wheel's a lot more fun to drive. Makes for interesting wet-road incidents though. Having taken it on a 3 week drive throughout British Columbia and Alberta in the dead of winter, venturing as far north as Edmonton, I'm confident in saying this car can go nearly anywhere.

  • Plastic windows are a major pain. I put my top down once without carefully making sure the rear window folded right, and I ended up with a crease on it for about a week and a half. Not to mention what I've been hearing about rolling up towels to protect the window when it's down. It's worth it for a convertible though. Last winter, in a moment of frustration and insanity, I put my fist through the window. In the cold it was rather brittle, and cracked quite easily. The all-weather tape on the window reminds me of it every time I see the car. Won't happen again, sir.

  • Make sure all bolts are installed. The previous owner had a set of headers installed, and a bolt was left out that's supposed to bolt the headers to the transmission to prevent flexing. As a result, they flexed, and developed a crack all the way around one of the pipes. Make the most horendous rattling noise. Had to take the headers out and weld them. Thanks grandpa.

  • Miatas are wonderful to take apart. I've had half my interior out of the car more times than I can count, and my doors pulled to bits nearly as many times. Everything's just a piece of cake to take apart.

Update: May 21, 2003
I've added a news page that I'll add updates to now, rather than always adding them to the individual pages.

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