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I was born in a small town in 1980, both of which say a lot about who I am. I didn't grow up in a city. I fact, my family rarely even visited cities. Despite this, I grew up feeling that I belonged in a city. Many years later, after graduating from highschool, and spending 2 years in university, my wish to live in a city was granted, and I haven't looked back since.

Despite living up in a town where cars were all the rage (how's that for an 80's phrase?), I somehow missed becomming interested in cars. Instead, I turned to computers. Computers were a hobby first, then a subject of study, first at highschool, then at university, and finally, a career. After spending 2 years in university studying computers, I took a summer job in Vancouver, at a small internet start-up that a friend from university had worked at.

Since then, I've fully embraced city life. I love it here. I don't think I could ever live in a "city" with a population of 20000 again. After moving to the city, I started to begin appreciating cars. Living in the small logging and farming town, trucks were the order of the day. Big trucks. Dualies, big diesels, you name it. Trucks were what the town revolved around. And if you owned a car, it darned well better be domestic. Good luck getting import parts up there. They'd cost you an arm and a leg.

So here I was, in the city, admiring cars. However, my hand-me-down Topaz was starting to feel a little, shal we say, stuffy? Having a vehicle is a wonderful thing, no matter what vehicle, but I had a yearning for something more. I started looking through the classifieds, looking for something for under $3000. Bear in mind, this is $3000 Canadian Dollars, and that doesn't get you a whole lot of automobile.

One night, while waiting with a friend for her boyfriend to finish work so I could drive him home, we stood and admired a gorgous yellow Miata, sitting on this warm summer night with it's top down, exposing an agressive looking rollbar. I've admired Miatas for many years, but never seriously saw myself owning one, not to mention knowing nothing about them. My friend asked if I had thought about buying one. I thought she was off her rocker, that there was no way I could afford one, but it piqued my curiosity.

I spent the next few days searching the online classidieds for used Miatas, and found them to be well above $3000. But I looked anyways. Come Saturday, I had a list of about 4 Miatas to go look at. First stop, Lenux Motors. Upon pulling into the dealership, I nearly had an accident, as my eyes were firmly fixed upon the white Miata waiting for me in the parking lot. And yes, I do say waiting for me, because I believe it was. I had to have that car. Throwing all concern for bugetary matters out the window, I took the car for a test drive. And what a drive it was. It lasted no more than 10 minutes, and when it was over, I was shaking with excitement.

1 week, 100 phone calls, $1000 down payment, and $10000 later, I had my car. The date: November 4th, 2000. Bianca and I have been happily together for a year and a half, as I write this, and I forsee many, many more years of happiness ahead of us.

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